Dust Control

400 dustcontrolDustac® Road Binder provides a superior, economical treatment for stabilizing unsurfaced roads and keeping them free of dry-weather dust.  It has a long history of use on secondary roads.  In fact, enough Dustac® Road Binder has been used worldwide to circle the equator with sixteen-foot road.

When properly applied, solutions of Dustac® Road Binder can:

  • Eliminate dust clouds on roads, thereby reducing equipment wear and the driving hazards associated with poor visibility.

  • Create a firmly-bound road surface that has increased traction and skid resistance.

  • Increase road compaction resulting in a reduced need for road repairs.

  • Increase the load-bearing strength of the roadbed, thereby expanding road use to heavier vehicles.

  • Produce a stable base suitable for subsequent application of asphalt or other road materials.

What is Dustac® Road Binder
Dustac® Road Binder is a calcium lignosulfonate product derived from lignin - nature's glue for binding cellulose fibers to form the rigid woody structures of trees.  It is made from the sulfite pulping process at NW Mills in Bellingham Washington.

The binding action of lignosulfonates is a well-known characteristic that has found great utility in a variety of applications.  Dustac® Road Binder is naturally tacky when moist and exhibits excellent adhesive action on solid particles.  In certain instances, the engineering properties of some roadbed soils can actually be improved because of the wetting and dispersing characteristics of lignosulfonates.

dustac2Economic & Safety Benefits
Applied to secondary roads and roadbeds, a water-diluted solution of Dustac® Road Binder can result in several economic benefits:

  • Reduced Road Repairs: The use of Dustac® Road Binder results in greater road compaction.  Therefore, less road maintenance is necessary and potholes and washboarding occur less frequently.  Furthermore, road use can be resumed immediately after application of Dustac® Road Binder.

  • Lower Material Costs: As a dust-control agent, Dustac® Road Binder costs less on an applied solids basis than comparable road treatment materials.  Rewetting or light rain rejuvenates the binding action of Dustac® Road Binder for long-term effectiveness.  In arid locales, Dustac® Road Binder may be a preferable alternative to the use of an intensive daily watering program which may be cost prohibitive.

  • Longer Lasting Equipment: Heavy equipment requires fewer repairs and lasts longer when not subjected to dust that can clog filters and freeze bearings.

  • Elimination of Dust Clouds: Dustac® Road Binder eliminates dust clouds on roads, thereby reducing the driving hazards associated with poor visibility.

  • Improved Traction: Since Dustac® Road Binder creates a uniform road surface, traction and skid resistance are enhanced.

Environmental Safety
Dustac® Road Binder has a neutral pH and is considered environmentally safe.  Unlike petroleum products and salt solutions, it preserves roadside vegetation without the leaching of hydrocarbons or heavy metals into surrounding soils.

Dustac® Road Binder is a bio-degradable, nontoxic, nonhazardous material.  It may be applied around environmentally sensitive areas such as aquifers, lakes and streams and recreational and residential areas. In addition, Dustac® Road Binder is noncorrosive, having a corrosion rate comparable to tap water.





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